Abuser General Notes


This section contains general notes and pointers for abusers or potential abusers, mostly child sexual abusers, but much of what's here will apply to others as well. There are only a few notes and pointers at the moment, with more coming.

Any abuser can be helped, if he (or she) wants to be helped.

Some abusers choose to be who they are. Others can't control who they are. There is therapy and medication to help with just about any abnormality.

Victims don't enjoy the abuse, even if you think they do.

No matter how far gone you are, it's never too late to be helped. It's too late to undo the past, but the future can still be changed.

Any sexual act between an adult and a child, even a father and daughter, is not an expression of love.

Abusing anyone usually has a long-term effect on them. If you love someone and can't help what you do or think, get help, for your sake and theirs.

When someone tells on you and you are confronted, you will try to lie your way out of it, but this can be your chance to accept responsibility and get help.

I will be adding more here soon and will eventually be categorizing everything.

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